Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy


Custom Industrial Machines

Cosmec Group produced and exported since then in more than 30 countries from simple manual machines to complete turn key accumulators plants

We produce almost all equipment’s for accumulator industry, integrating them with last technologies in the market:

  • Oxide plant: Oxide mill, Mixer,
  • Plate production: Grid Casting, Pasting, Flash Oven, Plate Stacker
  • Assembling: Curing, Cutting and Brushing plates, Enveloping, COS, Assembling line,
  • Formation: Filling, Water baths, Automatic Loading, Levelling, Cap placing, Washing Tunnel, Pole Brushing HRD, Labelling, Rectifiers
  • Services: Aspiration, Acid Dilution,Water treatments